Any requests for a second class

First of all: our Wednesday Meetup will continue like always: for all internationals who want to move more often from 7 – 8.15 pm at Hüttenkopfstrasse 70 in 8051 Zurich. Who’s in?

Question: If I’d consider opening a second class, where should it take place? Our workout content would be the same like in our Wednesday class: an outdoor functional training session that burns fat, boosts your metabolism, and builds strength for life. Time: 12.15 – 1.30 pm

What place would make sense for you to exercise over lunch? This would give my movers from Wednesday a chance to train twice a week (and during daylight) and I could come closer to some of you, so more people have access to our healthy workout. Requests are welcome and next month I will inform you which place won the neck and neck race… Be well, Carla.

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