Hormone Yoga Therapy Workshop in Zurich

A friend of mine organizes this two hour yoga retreat in Zurich. There are 6 spots left and I thought I bring it up here because a lot of our followers also practice Yoga and might want to experience a different approach?

What is the workshop about?
It is an introduction to Hormone Yoga Therapy and it is based on the technique developed by Dinah Rodrigues. Hormone Yoga Therapy is rejuvenating and energizing, a scientifically tested natural method to activate your hormones.
The therapy not only helps reduce or eliminate the side effects of pre-menopause and menopause, but also benefits women and teenagers with hormonal disorders (premenstrual syndrome, irregular periods), as well as women with fertility problems due to low hormone levels.

When and where does it take place?
Sunday, 6th of March 2016, 10.00-12.00 hours at Dance Away, Dialogweg 2, 8050 Zürich, www.danceaway.ch

What are the costs?
CHF 50.- per person. Participants: approximately 9-13.

Who is the teacher?
Ann Whyte is from London and qualified as a yoga instructor at Yoga Vidya, Germany. She also has a diploma for teaching hormone yoga therapy. Ann gives classes in Basel and the Black Forest. www.blissfulyoga.ch

Please feel free to contact Ann on 078 946 90 69 or via annwhyte@yahoo.co.uk if you have any questions or are not sure if this therapy is suitable for you.


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